National Pupil Database event report

Last weeks highly entertaining talk was full of tales of how the Department of Education¬† misleads on answering questions about it’s plans for pupil data, such as by failing to make clear that the collection of nationality information is entirely optional!

We learnt of the scale of the problem, with over 20 million kids involved, and anyone under the age of around 36 being on the database too.

This includes things like exclusion records as well exam results. There are obvious issues with using exclusion records to blindly make decisions; children take the rap for others – but now have unknowingly created a black mark on their employment record !

There was a good discussion of how both DefendDigitalMe and Open Rights Group share some of the same issues with campaigning; for instance there have been numerous main stream press articles, but no one in the audience had seen any of them!

DefendDigitalMe’s next step is going to be a campaign for people to make Subject Access Requests to see what is really happening – and there were some funny stories from the speaker about when she found out she has someone in the DfE who regularly reports on her tweets !

If you have any questions, they also have an excellent National Pupil Database FAQ.

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