Snooper Charter Strikes Back event success

Jim Killock talkingEarlier in the week we had the pleasure of entraining Jim Killock, ORG’s executive director, ahead of a workshop on talking you MP about intrusive surveillance.

Jim bought us entertainingly up to date with the current thinking around the still-under-wraps government plans for wide-ranging updates to their subservience powers. Happy to take questions, Jim elaborated a number of points with us, including explaining a bit about what ORG’s plans are, which led neatly into the other half of the evening, but not before everyone had a well deserved tea break.

The second half of the night began with a brief recap of the main points, before going through ORG’s handy take-away guide to the Snoopers Charter, and explaining why it’s such a good idea to talk to your MP about concerns you have.
There followed a wide ranging interactive session where we tried to think of different concerns the current plans raised with various people in the room. After building up this list we ran through as a group how they could be addressed, in terms someone who hadn’t just spent an hour learning about RIPA could understand !

privacy concernsExcuse my hand writing (and probably spelling !) – but here is that handy list.

There were several times when people discovered someone else had though of a whole new angle, or a way they could use something to contact the MP for the area they worked in, as well as where they lived.

Everyone went away with a great incentive to spread the word, as well as an information pack and a promise to meet up again in a few months to share feedback on what worked and what didn’t.

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