Why you should opt out of medical uploads

Come to our upcoming talk on Tuesday February 25th, where Phil Booth will be explaining the new threats to your personal medical data. It’s at Friends Meeting House in central Manchester at 7pm.

Now that your medical data is being prepared to be uploaded, the new “care.data” scheme is hitting the headlines. Changes to how your medical data is handled are happening now.

Medical data that was previously under the control of your GP is going to be uploaded to a central database called care.data and shared with other organisations for research and analysis. Nothing directly of benefit: and with ill-defined ways to control the risks.

Worse still, the government has insisted people must explicitly opt out, rather than opt in, and have provided unclear, unaddressed leaflets sent as junk mail to households that only vaguely describe how to opt out.

Phil Booth from http://medconfidential.org will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Please RSVP and spread the word : http://www.meetup.com/ORG-Manchester/events/164318842/

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