Manchester CryptoParty success

2013-12-07 14.40.072013-12-07 09.18.26Over the weekend I really enjoyed helping to run Manchester’s first CryptoParty. We were able to teach around 20 people how to send secure email between themselves, as well as explain a bit about how the science of encryption helps keep you safe online. There were also some fun games involving giant postcards and padlocks, if you were there you’ll know how much fun that was !

2013-12-07 13.58.28_cropBut it wasn’t all just good privacy preserving, security giving technology, we were lucky enough to have some very special cakes made for us as well that we gave away to everyone who came, along with loads of stickers and books. It’s always nice to have a little something to take away, or to spot our stickers on someone else’s laptop.

Everyone I spoke to agreed it was useful as well as fun, so I really look forward to the next event in the new year – see you there !

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