Manchester CryptoParty with FSFE

Edward Snowden revelations of mass spying programmes such as PRISM and Tempora show that something needs to be done to protect our private online activities from the prying eyes of GCHQ and the NSA. There’s currently a great deal of interest surrounding these issues and as a result people are seeking to find tools which will help them protect and secure their email, instant messages and web browsing.

This can be done, to an extent, through the use of encryption technology, so on 7th December, we’ll be teaming up with Free Software Foundation Europe to organise a Cryptoparty in Manchester.

Cryptoparties provide a great way for anyone to learn how to install and use encryption technology and we’ll have technical experts present on the day to help you with encryption programs such as GPG, OTR and Tor. Cryptoparties are open to everyone from complete beginners to technical experts. Activists, lawyers, journalists, doctors, small businessmen and the general public will come together to understand how to protect their documents, emails and passwords from being accessed.

The event will be held on Saturday 7th December between 1.30pm-6pm at Madlab, 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN. You can RSVP via our meetup page here.

Updates on the event can also be found here.

We would very much like to produce some flyers and other promotional material – and this is where you can help out by donating a small amount using the following button:

donate with paypal

So as Cryptoparty say – let’s party like it’s 31st December 1983!

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