Open Data Manchester

The other month I went along to see the fine folks at Open Data Manchester. Here’s what they are up to, based on my notes. There was a lot of other stuff, including a really fun ‘mood map’ that will have to wait for another time.

On the 19th March there is a ‘Business of Open Data’ event, which will look at the current trends in use of open data by business, and address things like liability, business models and other issues of interest to business owners. This event will be free, and is part of theĀ  Future Everything events.

The main news is the Routes to the Future challenge, with a prise fund of over ten thousand pounds available for reusing some excellent new data the council is making available for open reuse – from how full car parks are to where the shuttle buses go.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out Manchester is a European centre for open council and transport data, and there are some great things afoot in this area.

All in all, a great evening and chat in the pub afterwards; I’d encourage anyone to go – the less technical you are the better !

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